Wherry wormshoe and flotation vent pearls of wisdom

I'm moving along on my first build pretty well.  I'm wondering if there are any words of wisdom out there regarding-

1. The need for the ply wormshoe strip that comes with the kit.  Should this just be epoxied/ nailed on, or skipped entirely, or how about a brass half oval strip?

2. The need for placing the plastic flotation tank vent plugs.  I'm wondering if these are a new feature since I don't see them in older pictures of the Wherry.  Had there been problems without them?  How about just a 1/8" drill hole to let things breathe?


Hickory in Seattle

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RE: Wherry wormshoe and flotation vent pearls of wisdom


You really should put the wormshoe on. I just slather on a thick mix of silica or cab-o-sil and epoxy and use a few brads to hold it in place while it dries. Tape works, too. You'll need it to protect the end grain of plywood on the skeg. It's a lot easier to replace the wormshoe every now and then, just grind it off and add another, than to replace the skeg if water gets in the plys. As far as the drain plug, theoretically water shouldn't be able to get in the forward and aft tanks but if it does it needs a way out. If you're sure you have everything well sealed inside the tank with epoxy a small (even 1/16") hole at the top of the bulkhead will be sufficient for it to breathe.  If there are any cracks at all in the epoxy inside the tank and water does find its way in it can lead to some ugly stains on the outside of the tank on a bright finish. 

George K

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