Surfboard Wax on a Kaholo deck?

Has anyone tried using surfboard wax on a Kaholo deck?  I am varnishing the deck (on my second coat of varnish out of a planned six).  Never used surf wax but have read the stuff must be scraped with a comb to create grooves to aid traction. Think that might not be ideal with the varnish. Appreciate any thoughts!


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RE: Surfboard Wax on a Kaholo deck?

Surfed for years and never have scraped wax to get grooves. I have scraped the wax off a surfboard from a heavy build up. The wax would do its job for sure. You will have to add a coat of wax occasionally. If you leave the kaholo in the direct sun when not in use.  The sun will melt the wax or soften it up. Also a good tip to remove it. A splash of water hardens it quickly though.

RE: Surfboard Wax on a Kaholo deck?

The scraping with a comb is to rough up previosly waxed boards. If you want lumps for great grip use bump wax, or take a candle and drip hot wax over the area you want and wax the area coat after coat with a circular motion over the melted drops. Be extremely carful exposing your equipment to direct sunlight more than you should. make a bag for your board, cover it, travel with it covered up in its own surf bag. Heat is not our friend let it breath.


RE: Surfboard Wax on a Kaholo deck?

Thanks for the info! Surf culture sorta alien here in Tennessee...


RE: Surfboard Wax on a Kaholo deck?

Consider this a clear solution for Kaholo Board.  I also soft River shoes as oyster surround me also knee pads for kneeling if you lay down and paddle a rash shirt is suggested.    Monster Spray Traction is a clear textured coating that is easy to apply. Each 12oz can will cover 2-3 SUP (nose area), and 2-3 paddle shafts. Monster Spray Traction provides excellent long lasting (3-6 months) grip on SUPs, surfboards, sailboards, skimboards and almost any wetted surface! - Monster will not yellow or crack. - Overnight cure time recommended.

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