Annapolis Wherry WOW

So I've got a Severn CLC kayak, a Chesapeake 14 CLC kayak, a Prion double kayak, a Walden kayak, a Perception kayak, a Islander surf kayak and a 17 foot Grumman canoe, and I enjoy the heck out of each one. But not one of them compares to the fun, exercise and pure joy of rowing the sexiest most beautiful water-craft on the face of the planet. What a beautiful design. I just finished this boat and got it wet this weekend. If you love human powered craft, have the place to row it, a place to store it and the budget to handle it, you need to get one.

As a picnic boat for my wife and I it moves along at a steady three knots with no effort at all. Four and a half knots is about max for me with sustained effort but with the stern way down with my wife there you can feel the back drag. On my own the boat just sings.

Do yourself a favor and get one of these boats.

Thank you CLC.

And thanks Lazlo for the suggestions on working with my epoxy allergy. The Tyvec worked great.

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RE: Annapolis Wherry WOW

I 'm so very glad to have been of help. As much as you love that boat, it would have been a real shame if it had had to be abandoned.

I've tried the Wherries at Okumefest and they really are a joy to row, once you get used to that sliding seat. And for out & out good looks, they are hard to beat. Hope you enjoy yours for many years to come.


PS - pictures! 

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