Coloring MAS to fill the weave

Getting geared up on my 1st kayak the Shearwater Hybrid. I am wanting to paint the exterior of the hull white. I contacted MAS about mixing colors in their epoxy. The response was you could use any tube of acrylic based wood paint added to the mix of epoxy and hardener. Has anybody tried this with good results? I was thinking of a white epoxy mix to fill the weave vs. a clear mix. Still plan to paint over the epoxy for the UV protection.

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RE: Coloring MAS to fill the weave

I am currently building a SW 17.....A few weeks ago I built a custom paddle  and wanted black blades. I added the dye to the epoxy and regretted it as soon as I realized that I could no longer tell if there were air bubbles trapped under the fiberglass. If I were to do it again I would use a clear epoxy mix to wet out the cloth and then after it cures add the coloring into the mix for the second and third coat. It sounds like this is what you had planned anyway....just FYI


RE: Coloring MAS to fill the weave

Harlan, your right. Lay the glass clear then fill with white. I wanted to get the white in there in the event I get a deep scratch. I hope your paddle turned out good. I have colored epoxy before. It was West and not on a large scale as the kayak.

I am not this far yet but I like to plan ahead. Thanks for the input.

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