kahloo 14

hi all...my question refers to joining the three pieces that make up the bottom panel...the aft bottom panel is a wide piece and the two forward bottom panels are seperate until you join them all together... i am getting ready to cut the puzzle joints...i made a template to use with the router to cut the puzzle joints...works good...did it on the wood ducks i made...anyway my question...do i go ahead and just join two pieces end for end and then rip the forward panels out of the wide already joined piece? if i do this then the two front halves will be narrower due to the saw kerf? or do i rip the forward panels then cut the joints...thanks anna 

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RE: kahloo 14

You have to cut the two front bottom panels from the pattern because they overlap on the front end to get the right shape bow when you bend and stitch the bottom. When you cut the two halfs from the pattern and push them together you will see what I mean about an overlap. I taped my two front panels together before I joined my front panels to the back panel . I used finger joints which are simular to the puzzle joint. I left my back panel a couple inches to long  when joining the front and back and then cut the lenth and shape of the back useing the pattern. I would like to see pictures of you jig for doing puzzle joints.

RE: kahloo 14

RE: kahloo 14

Is there any reason you can't just do a normal scarf joint?   I bought the kit for the Kaholo which has the puzzle joint but on past buiding I used the scarf joint and I like how tht joint end up nearly invisible.   The puzzle joint is clearly very visible in comparision.   Plus, if you are needing to building the joint yourself a scarf seems way easier.

RE: kahloo 14

What Wood Ogre said - the front panels have a a little outtie curve near the bow and will overlap when lined up flat.

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