Maiden Voyages of the Annapolis Wherry "Marion" 2012


Hope other members will enjoy seeing the Maiden voyages of my Wherry "Marion". Finished 2012.





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RE: Maiden Voyages of the Annapolis Wherry "Marion" 2012

Awesome job on the build- looks like she really flies over the water!

I just got my kit yesturday, so I'm very happy to see your video.

Is that a metal strip wrapped over the skeg?


Hickory, from Seattle

RE: Maiden Voyages of the Annapolis Wherry "Marion" 2012

Furthermore, that looks like a good innovation on the stern protection pad that you have in place while moving the boat.

Anything you'd do differently if you were having a second go-around.



RE: Maiden Voyages of the Annapolis Wherry "Marion" 2012

Hi Hickory. Thanks for the messages. The metal strip is brass and was just purchased from a good quality chandlery. I made the skeg from a well known wood here in NZ called rimu and was in fact old reclaimed flooring. So it is very hard but I just wanted the added protection for launching and retrieval so added the brass strip. The skeg takes a lot of the weight when the boat is off of the trailer. I would definately recommend making your won seats knees and breast hook from a good quality wood. It's just adds the bit of individuality I think. Would I do anything differently.... I would spend just a bit more time ensuring that the bow comes together perfectly true. Most people would never see it but my bow just has a very slight twist in it, so just take that extra time before you apply the epoxy internally. one thing I did learn is to only mix up small amounts of Expoxy that you can work with before it starts to cure. When you feel it getting warm in your hand, that's about it. Stop and mix up some new and carry on. This is particularly important when you are pouring the epoxy onto the glass fibre mat. I had not worked with epoxy before and learned my lesson the hard way.  One thing I would also consider is applying a coat of epoxy to the individual planks before stitching and glueing them together. This makes good sense to me and another builder McCarty I believe seemed to have done this but I didn't see his video until I had already started. You may want to send him a message and see what he thinks. One thing is for sure, you will not believe the number of comments you will get abouth this boat. People stop me all the time, some touch it and stroke it and one guy called me a genius! Even people who have no interest in boats can appreciate its great lines.

Good luck. Take your time and don't rush it. Once that epoxy has gone off, there is no going back!! This was my first full size build, so if I can do it, anyone can!

Best wishes, Paul 






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