Towing the Chester yawl

Has anyone installed a bow eye for towing purposes? I'm about to block and glass one in on my Chester yawl, but would love to hear some feedback before I commit to a location. Thanks matt Stedman vineyard haven ma

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RE: Towing the Chester yawl

I assume you'll be towing above it's hull speed. I'd go just above the waterline on the stem.  SEEYA Jack

RE: Towing the Chester yawl

I asked CLC this question before I installed one in my Yawl.  John recommended placing it above the top of the forward tank.  Right at the interface of the 1st and 2nd plank.  If you go to the main pic gallery on this site for the Chester Yawl, the very first pic (emmanuel) shows this nicely.

I explicitly asked about blocking and John's opinion was that the filled epoxy stem was strong enough that you would destroy the rest of the boat before that would fail. 


RE: Towing the Chester yawl

Thanks for the info. I tow my 10 Avon behind my power boat and it required a 3 point bridal to keep it from snaking. Have you actually tried it under tow? Matt

RE: Towing the Chester yawl


I'm just finishing my yawl - endless coats of varnish don't you know - so the answer to your question is no, I have not towed her yet.  Seeing as we still have ~20 inches of ice up here, it will likely take until mid-April to get her wet for the first time. 

A group of friends and I have towed a very similar hull before though.  She tracked dead straight up to about 14 knots.  The main concern then became flipping the boat in the beam-on chop so we slowed down.  Loading the boat down a bit would have helped. 


RE: Towing the Chester yawl

Hey bill That is very promising news with the tow! I'm having a blast with the build. I'm deviating from the plans slightly, but will be glueing the seams in the morning. Found a nice 11" / 14"in access hatch from west marine to install in the forward bulkhead. Figuring on life jackets etc. Any tips on technique through the build please send my way! Love to see some pics as well! Matt

RE: Towing the Chester yawl


I am also in Vineyard Haven and I'm seriously thinking about building a Chester Yawl.  I would love to talk to you about the boat and building process at some point.


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