Bulkhead Hatch on a WD12 Hybrid

Just throwing this out there to pic a few brains....

I am just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel in the process of stripping the deck, and it just popped into my mind yesterday that it would be a shame to cut a ginormous in the deck.  I have a rather intricate design both fore and aft of the cockpit on my WD12 Hybrid and I just thought that putting in the hatch on the deck between the stern and aft bulkhead would take away from the over-ambitious design that I started nearly 9 months ago.  Anywho.....I was just wondering if it would be possible to put some kind of pre-fab hatch cover in the bulkhead just aft of the cockpit...or if there would be interference with the backband of the seat..any other issues or concerns are greatly welcomed and appreciated!

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RE: Bulkhead Hatch on a WD12 Hybrid

I understand how difficult it is to think about cutting into that hybrid deck.  I did so on my Shearwater.  It worked out OK,b ut was a bit scary.

One of the screw-in 6" or 8" diameter hatches should work just fine.  they are only about 1/4" proud on teh bulkhead so that should not cause any problems.  I have these in both blkheads of my MC 16.5 and they are great except that the forward one is very difficult to reach up under the foredeck - Not a problem you will have.



RE: Bulkhead Hatch on a WD12 Hybrid


Thanks for the help with the bulkhead hatch idea.  Another thing that I also realized is...will I have any problems rolling out the 'glass tape when joining the deck to the hull?  The bulkead hatch is substantially smaller than the hatch I would have to work with in the deck..plus it would be a lot further reach to fillet back in the stern.  Thanks in advance!

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