Wood duck aft bulkhead to stern

Hello all! My first project is a wood duck double and heres my problem; There is a lot of twist in the bottom panel between the aft bulkhead and the stern per the instructions.  I have already broken about 10 inches of the bottom panel off trying to meet the form requirement and repaired it with a homemade scarf joint.  Now trying again it seems impossible.  How in the world is the wood supposed to twist 90 degrees in just a few feet?  What am I doing wrong?


I have read the instructions thoroughly and watched the video on making a Chesapeke, no help there.


Any advice is appreciated.

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RE: Wood duck aft bulkhead to stern

Seem to recall I used a little spray bottle of water and kept soaking the plywood inside and out until it would bend enough.  You might try it in stages...spray, bend, fasten, then come back an hour later to spray, bend, and tighten some more. I ran some wire all the way through the hull, making a loop that enabled each side to pull against the other. 

Alot of twist in a WD but it sure is pretty when it's done. ;-)

RE: Wood duck aft bulkhead to stern

When I built my Wood Duck 12, I placed fairly damp(hot water)  towels on both the bow AND stern panels and let them "soak" for an hour or two.  Then I used packing tape to hold them in the final position until the wood dried (About three hours if I remember correctly).  I got a little spring-back but she wired up VERY easily with very little effort.     Good luck.........    ~BRUCE~

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