strip nymph challenges...or sassafras cop out?

I'd be interested in hearing nymph/sassafras pros and cons.

Pretty sure I'd be pleased with the rewards of a beautiful strip canoe.  But I fear stalling in the tedium that is, apparently, strip canoe building.

I like the Sassafras 12, but did not enjoy the faith-based stitching, bending, and aligning process of my Wood Duck 12, my first S&G, that turned out great in the end. The deck never matched up with the hull until the last possible moment of gluing and strapping to the hull (I like to test fit things first, which was all but impossible in this case).

Then the WD turned out heavy on the portage: throw in a float bag, spray skirt, PFD, paddle, and the darn thing pushes 50 lbs. or more.  Thus the need for a lighter boat.  

Realizing CLC probably sells alot more Sassafras than nymphs, I'd sure like to hear comments from folks who've built the nymph, and will probably have to search elsewhere on the net for those.

Thanks for any and all comments and insight.  

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RE: strip nymph challenges...or sassafras cop out?


Having assisted in the build of the Nymph 12 here at the shop. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have about construction of the Nymph or Sassafras canoes.

The Nymph is not that complcated of a build. It goes along rather quickly, for a strip build and the finished results are stunning. I recomend getting a copy of Nick Schade's book, Building Strip Planked Boats. The Nymph is featured in the book and the section is quite detailed.

As I said before, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me by phone or email.



RE: strip nymph challenges...or sassafras cop out?

Much appreciate it, may need the help if I go the Nymph route.  Got the book on order, also been checking out some of the tools I saw on an excellent Schade download called Creating Nymph (shavehook, etc??).  I'm not a seasoned boatbuilder, but I know the proper tools can make the difference between misery and pleasure in any job.  

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