Keeping garage warm

I'm considering another boat building project, but the room I used for the Mill Creek is no longer available for such things, nor big enough anyway. So the garage will have to do.

But it's colder now than I'd like it to be. I'm sure you fellows up north have some ways to keep the cold out, so I thought I'd ask.

I think my garage door would be considered insulated---it is a double metal skin with core. But  still quite cold to the touch. 

Even more important, wind  (we are right on open water , and get a lot of wind) pushes the door away from the weather stripping, so it's quite drafty. I want to mount removable vertical bars to give more support to the sides and middle of the door to keep it pressed up against the weather stripping. 

But before I do this I want to see if I should also add insulation to the doors, because one might interfere with the installation of the other. 

Does anyone have any other ways to block the heat loss through/around the  garage door? The door doesn't need to be opened often, maybe not even until spring. 

We are in SE Virginia, so I know I face a less daunting task than many. Even though I can add heat to the work, keeping the weather out of the garage will be beneficial to the house above as well, so I would like to address this first.



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RE: Keeping garage warm

You might try stapling 10 mil or heavier poly on the outside of the door frame.   Use a wide crown stapler with a 1 1/2" batten over the poly so it doesn't tear threw in the wind.  This will stop the air infiltration and your garage will be much warmer.  I've built 2 wood airplanes in my garage during the winter in the St. Louis area using this method and a small kerosean heater.  The only drawback is the car sits outside all winter but we all have our priorities.

RE: Keeping garage warm

Another option is to hang some shipping blankets over the door on the inside. These can be found used or inexpensively from companies like Uline.


RE: Keeping garage warm

I turned my one-car garage into a wood shop last year at my appartment.....I simply made some wooden wedges placed between the garage door and the tracks along the sides to push the door into the weather-stripping.  And depending on what the size of your garage is, my small oil-filled electric radiator type heater could heat up the one stall fairly would be around 10 degrees outside and I could get it up to about 70 degrees inside.

RE: Keeping garage warm

There is an article on this site about the subject.

Keep in mind oil burning heaters can leave deposits on your project resulting in fisheyes and other issues with epoxy and paints.

I used 2 of these electric heaters in my garage.  They heated my un insulated garage 35 degrees about the outside temperature with nice clean heat. I got mine at BigLots for 25$ each.

To get a little more heat during the fiberglassing process I stapled plastic drop cloth sheets to surround half my garage into a smaller room and was able to heat the space to the high 70's with those two heaters when it was 20F outside.

Fix up that garage door, get some heat and enjoy your build!



RE: Keeping garage warm

Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like I'm on the right track, but this helps.

Have sold 3 little-used boats in the last 3 months, 2 of them in the last 18 hours, so now have room to work.

And it feels good that they were wanted and will be used more. 

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