Goodbye Old Paint. How will I put on New Paint?

I have a "mature" Chesapeake 17LT in very good condition. It has a white deck and a teal hull that date back to its construction. I don't know what paint was used, but it's probably whatever was recommended by CLC at the time of construction. I want to brighten the deck with another white and change the hull to a darker blue (to match the colors on the Finnish flag.).

I've searched the forum in vain for advice on the process that I should follow. Is such available here? If not, would an experienced hand care to give me some pointers? I have a heated workspace, a good orbital sander and a whole winter to do it. (Since we don't seem to get durable snow in New Hampshire for XC skiing and snowshoeing any more ...)

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RE: Goodbye Old Paint. How will I put on New Paint?

If you can't determine what is on there now, I would sand everything off before repainting. Take it outside and run your RO sander over it, being careful to not sand through the epoxy into any glass or bare wood. Remove any coarse power sanding scratches by hand sanding with finer grits. A marine topsides paint like Interlux Brightsides will be easy to apply, and give good results. Just follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

White decks can reflect a lot of light into a paddler's eyes, so you may want to consider something like a creamy or light gray shade. It will look great!



RE: Goodbye Old Paint. How will I put on New Paint?

Thanks, that confirms a hunch about playing it safe with the bonding question. And I'm using Brightside on my wife's new MC 13, so that was a foregone conclusion.  :-)  Your tip about reflectivity is something I should have considered, so thanks for that!

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