Old varnish


I am looking for advice on using old varnish.  I built a Prospector canoe about 3 years ago and had some Pettit Flagship 2015 varnish left over.  I sealed it in a canning Jar about 1/2 Quart.  and since I am about to put the finish on my MC-13 deck only.  I thought I might save some money and use this.  It appears to be in good shape.  After taking a thin skin off and adding a little thinner and straining it.  It looks and smells good.  Viscosity seems about right for brushing but I might use my HVLP spray gun.

Please let me know if you think I should dump this and buy fresh.  Thanks, Dana P.

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RE: Old varnish

Go for it. Worse comes to worse, you can always sand it off and try again. Best bet is to try it on a piece of scrap & see what happens.

Good luck,


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