Strip deck on a Kaholo?

Hi all,

I am just about to start building my Kaholo from plans.  Whilst I like the look of varnished ply, I though a WRC strip deck would be really nice.

My thought is to assemble the strips on oversize to the deck plan, and then trim to shape as I would ply.  As the deck is glassed both sides, it should be exactly the same as building s strip kayak.

It will take a bit longer, but the results should be worth it, I think.  Weight should be about the same, as the WRC I have is 3mm (in 12mm strips). Glassing, etc, would be done as per normal.

Interested to hear any opinions on this - especially any problems I might encounter.


Melbourne, Australia

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RE: Strip deck on a Kaholo?


Thanks for the replies.  The JEM SUP looks good.  Craig. the Youtube link didn't work?

I agree the 3mm may be too thin, I may glue to ply or go for thicker than normal glass for rigidity.  Will see how it goes...I want it ready for Xmas holidays so will depend on how much build time I have.


RE: Strip deck on a Kaholo?

I wouldn't discount the use of 3mm strips as the deck is flat so you won't lose much with fairing. Ibelieve the plans call for a 4oz cloth ( thats about 125 gm here). If you decide on heavier glass, Maybe a 6oz (200gm) underneath as you don't need to fill weave and some 85gm on top. The 85gm(3oz) wets out easily and only takes one fill coat. Look forward to seeing you project as I'm thinking of building one aftermy surfski project. Cheers

RE: Strip deck on a Kaholo? Youtube search. "building my sup" Although there is no clc acknowledgement, it looks like a Kaholo to me. not a stripped deck of course but inspiration for building a nice deck for sure.

RE: Strip deck on a Kaholo?

Hi, Thanks for the link, Craig. A nice looking board. I've decided to go for the best of both worlds, and add veneer strips to my ply deck. The deck is a little under 3mm so adding a 0.6mm veneer shouldn't add much weight. I have found some bamboo edging locally which should look good with a darker accent strip. Very retro :-) Will post pics when done. Regards, Darren Melbourne, Australia

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