Custom bent wood seats

I've seen many pictures of beautiful bent wood kayak seats...anyone know where I can find information on making one for my wood duck?

And these seats appear to be elevated a few inches off of the bottom of the boat, curious as to how these are mounted?

I bought a pell-and-stick foam seat for my wood duck, but wanted to try making a seat from left over Okume, multiple layers epoxied and clamped over pipes to get the curves right, but looking for a plan or instructions of sorts.

Couldn't find any information on the CLC site for this...

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RE: Custom bent wood seats

   I just posted the same question to make stitch and glue seats for my clc triple. I have been on an exhaustive google search with no results other than Waters Dancing from Edmonton. I only asked Don once if he would sell a plan :-) I just wrapping up a fireplace build now, when I get time later I will see what I can fabricate. I don't want to copy the lines off the Waters Dancing Lightning I already have, especially if I share a working model. 


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