Kit boats and cold weather

This may seem like a novice question, but I'm considering building a kit boat next summer.  The problem, I live in Duluth, MN, one of the coldest in the country in January.  I know the late Harold Payson said he left his instant boats sheathed in fiberglass out all year in Maine and they were fine.  My question, "does a wooden boat finished with fiberglass cloth and epoxy need to be stored indoors in a heated environment, or can they survive on a trailer with a really good cover?

 Unfortunately I only have my garage for the build, but in the winter, I need that for the car.  Renting a storage space could be an option, but not if the boat would be fine.

 Any advise.

 ps: my dream is to build the pocketship kit. We'll see...



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RE: Kit boats and cold weather

I leave mine upside down on a trailer all winter without a cover and the only problem is needing to refinish every two years or so. I'm just west of Minneapolis. As for the Pocketship with the paint drying in the garage, that one will get covered.



RE: Kit boats and cold weather

I'm not in "cold 3/4 of the year" type environment but my boat survived just fine outside in the cold and heat without any problems.  I didn't even varnish it and it weathered well for a couple of years.

If you have a cover to protect it from UV and something to keep the critters from nesting in it, you should be fine for quite a long time.


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