Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question


I know there are about a gajillion Wood Duck 12 owners out there, so I'd like your advice.  My husband has never been interested in kayaking with me (due to an experience with an uncomfortable seat and tippy boat).  However, he was out in his sister's Wilderness Systems Pamilco 120 (12 ft long, 29 inch beam) over the weekend and said that it was fun and he'd paddle with me if he had something like that.  I have a Shearwater 14 which is quite a bit faster than the Pamlico (I was paddling too and did the paddle paddle, wait for a while, paddle paddle, wait for a while thing while they paddled continuously). 

So, here's my question.  Would a Wood Duck 12 be a good choice for him?   He's looking for stable and comfortable.  I'm looking for something that he might be able to keep up with me in.  What kind of seat would be best?  (I have a Redfish seat in my Shearwater).  He likes back support, particularly low back support. More like an office chair than a traditional kayak seat I think. 

Or should I look for a plastic tub on Craigslist? (not meaning to offend any plastic boat owners - we have a 17 foot rotomolded ourselves)



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RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

P.S.  And would I be able to fit my medium-sized dog in front of me in the Wood Duck cockpit (he's aobut 25 pounds).  My Shearwater cockpit is too short - I'd hit him with the paddle.  I took him on my brother-in-law's sit on top over the weekend, but forgot to try him in the Pamlico. 

RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

How about the new Shearwater Sport? 14' 6" long x 25" beam.


RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

I say yes on all accounts, even the dog. I have a WD 12 and it's is roomy and stable. Not sure on the seat though.

RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

yes on all accounts.  I built my wife a WD12, launched it a year ago June L-O-V-E-S it!!!!  this year I added a minicell carved seat and she loves her boat even more.  We just got back from three days on the Rideau Canal.  We were on the water for about 6 hours at a time with no problems.  Also she feels much more secure and able to handle rough water with the new seat.  I did not realise, but she was sliding around.


RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

Hi Kathy.  Bruce here, a Wood Duck 12 builder here.     I did major research, chose the WD-12 and am VERY glad I did.  She tracks well, is fast and VERY stable.   As for buying a plastic fantastic vs. building, I suggest building.  He will be much more "connected" to a kayak he created.  PLUS, he WILL get positive comments everywhere he goes.  I even got stopped by a police officer, just because he wanted to talk about DAFFY DUCK, my kayak.    Both the building process AND the ownership time will be very rewarding........    ~BRUCE~ 

RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

  Hello Kathy,

 I will join the others in advising you to build the WD12, and add that I'm 6'and 220lb and there's room for a medium dog in my cockpit.  If the water's calm and you're not worried about him jumping out you could put some bedding in the rear and leave the hatch off.

 I chuckled when I read your description about paddling and waiting, we had the same experience after building Robin's WD10 first then work travel slowed the build of my 12'er. When we went paddling I would rent plastic yaks and watch her from behind casually paddling while I worked my butt off trying to keep up.

 Speaking of butts and since you asked about comfort... All those rentals were about the same for me. Two hours max and the butt would go numb and the lower back would start to hurt. Some of those boats had very nice seats/backrests in them too. I'm in good condition but I can't sit for long periods comfortably and we like to paddle the tidal creeks in FL where the bottom is mostly muck and oysters. Often we'll go for six hour trips w/o getting out of the boats. My solution is a bean bag cushion for a seat. Yeah, really. works very well to distribute the butt load and get it off those bones on the side, and I can move it around to change the angle of my lower back. I have'nt got the backrest figured out yet but I'm using a throwable PFD (square cushion) for now and it works well enough.

 Hope that helps.

RE: Wood Duck 12 for husband - and seat comfort question

I love my WD12, especially having replaced the stock seat with a Creature Comfort . My all-day-paddle speed is 3 1/2 mph in the WD12. I suspect that's not going to be enough to keep up with a Shearwater unless the Shearwater driver is being nice.



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