Kaholo buliders... any do's/don'ts?

Cuttin' & scarfin'... going from plans... any lessons learned along the way?

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RE: Kaholo buliders... any do's/don'ts?

take your time beveling the edges of the hull planks . sand the puzzle joints so they fit easily together. if your putting a fabric design on the deck [i highly recomend you do] its going to be slightly darker after its epoxied.take your time fitting the deck so it fits easily on the shear clamps . the better you get everything to fitt together the easier it is to assemble and the less sanding  you have to do. i hope to have the patients to follow my own advise on my next boat

RE: Kaholo buliders... any do's/don'ts?

Since you're building from plans you will be scarfing joints, not using puzzle joints. Study up on scarfing, and take your time. I staple the thin plywood down, both sheets staggered the scarf setback, and bevel with planes - SHARP planes. When gluing panels use care to get them aligned.

Forget the CLC recommended parts cut out on panels. Scarf a pair of full sheets together, then layout deck and both sides and cut - saves lining up deck panels and those skinny sides when scarfing pieces together.  Bottom has to be scarfed in pieces because the front pair overlap near the bow.

Do not forcefully wedge bottom stirngers in place. This will warp the bottom.  I used a stick clamed to the frame and short sticks at the ends against the side to kick in the curve.  Also a ton of wieght to hold the deck down is not needed if you true up the sheer and frames. 

RE: Kaholo buliders... any do's/don'ts?

Thanks for the tips fellas. It’s coming together pretty nicely so far--hull is almost finished assembled... just need the bottom stiffeners and I have to decide whether I’m going to put in a center fin box with inside blocking or glass on a fin (going with a single fin--not doing the twin fin).  The suggestion on installing  the bottom stiffeners is helpful, I thought the wedge idea was suspect.    


Any thoughts on alternatives to the breather tube?  I might install a compartment under the deck with the deck hatch for access.  Was thinking of a 1/32” vent hole or two in the compartment (drill/fill/drill), then a weep hole drilled into the deck plate.  Should keep things equalized and not let in any water inside the rest of the hull.  Either that or the goretex leash cup vents. Thoughts?

RE: Kaholo buliders... any do's/don'ts?


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