Oxford shell questions

I am interested in building the clc oxford shell but have a few questions.  First, what kind of tools will i need and approximately ho much money would i have to spend on them?  Also, is this boat as fast as other shells built for racing? If i buy this, i would want to be able to race it in a regatta but dont want to be at a disadvantage if it is slower than the standard.  Please help me out,


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RE: Oxford shell questions

The tool issue has been discussed in many books, magazine articles, on this website, in other boatbuilding forums, and many other places.  CLC's building manuals usually describe the tools you will need and how many clamps you should have on hand.  You can purchase a manual if interested.  How much you need to spend on tools is kinda like asking how high is the sky. 

The Oxford Shell is a recreational shell, not a racing shell.  If you are racing other recreational shells, you'll do fine.  If other race participants are in racing shells, you're going to lose, unless they all tip over.

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