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considering a 300 mile trip to NH with my skerry on the roof of my wagon. Some questions: Am I crazy ? this boat too big to transport in this manner ?  (I believe somewhere in the CLC literature it is a suggested mode of transport}. What are the stresses on the boat, both those exerted by the tie-down straps and by the force of 70 mph wind ? I've done this trip often with a canoe or two but the skerry seems all together too big and too able to capture the wind and its force. By the way, I do have an old trailer, but I don't relish the thought of towing it all that distance either........thanks for your thoughts....Tom, Northern Virginia

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RE: cartop a skerry


I've seen the CLC guys cartop a Skerry from the showroom to Okoumefest. The boat's shape works just as well in fast thin air as it does in slow thick water. As long as your racks are firmly attached to the top of your vehicle you should be fine. You might want to consider keeping your top speed in the lower 60's and you need to be aware of the extra weight up top when turning. Also, be careful at drive-throughs, on windy bridges and when being passed by a semi (possible wind blast).

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RE: cartop a skerry

I cartopped or vantopped my Skerry from Annapolis where it was built to my home in Brockville Ontario.  That was around 450 miles.  We normally cartop and trail Lasers (which are heavier) longer distances.  The only concern I had was getting it wet as it was still partly unfinished.  The Skerry is lighter than a Laser but has probable more wind resistance. I used fore and aft lines as well as the straps across the racks.  CLC has nice straps for a reasonable price as well as roof rack cushions which we use on our roof racks.  It helps to have the assistance of a couple of strong young men/women for on/off work. The Skerry survived the trip well.

RE: cartop a skerry

thank you Lazlo and Jonathan for the reassuring advice on my doubts about cartopping a skerry. I will be heading north this Saturday, boat on roof, and breath held. I will set off full of confidance and will look up only when I arrive...Tom C

RE: cartop a skerry

Here's my setup - hopefully it works out well (not yet tested on the highway).  

2005 VW Passat 4dr
Yakima  roof rack with 66" bars (58" might work but I didn't want to chance it)
Yakima gunwale clips

One note for other VW owners: an eye for attaching the forward bow line can be found behind the grill under the front bumper - the grill just pulls off.


RE: cartop a skerry

thanks for all the input on my query re cartopping a skerry. I have gone, and returned, approximately 1000 miles with boat on top of Passat wagon. Safe and secure, but one point I should make: my mpg suffered greatly at about 65mph, falling from 33mpg to about 25mpg. Evidence, clearly, of the great drag caused by boat on top of car...thanks again, TomC

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