Epoxy rubrails?

So, I just installed the rubrails on my passagemaker. The instruction manual mentions sanding everything level, and then goes on to other steps.

 Should the rubrails be multi-coated with epoxy first, and then sanded again along with the rest of the hull prior to varnishing? Or am I supposed to simply sand them down and then just varnish them?

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RE: Epoxy rubrails?

I think you should epoxy them

RE: Epoxy rubrails?

I called CLC with this very same question.  The guy said the rubrails "would benefit" from epoxy then varnish.

RE: Epoxy rubrails?

Go ahead and epoxy first.

It provides an extra strong barrier to potential water intrusion if you ever gouge the vanish on the rub rail.

The varnish will protect the epoxy from UV.





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