greenland paddle - fiberglassing tip

At the seminar the Eric gave at Okumeefest - he talked about fiberglassing the ends of the paddles.  First rasping a groove in the end, then using fiber glass ________(fill in the blank) soaked in epoxy resin to finish the ends.  What type of fiber glass material did he add to the end of the paddle?   

And is it reasonable to add cording to above the normal wetted paddle surface to act as a drip ring.  I'm thinking of using a "Turks Head" knot about 18" from the end to act as a drip ring - I know I am trading off the ability to slide the oar from hand to hand for sweeps - but the dripping was more drenching, than dripping.


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RE: greenland paddle - fiberglassing tip

If you unlay fiberglass cloth, the heavier the better, you will have strands that can be twisted togather, wet out and laid into the grove. It will take several strands.... I would recommend against turks heads because the water will probably run right over them. The lower angle stroke that I use with a Greenland paddle doesn't produce much drip.  SEEYA Jack

RE: greenland paddle - fiberglassing tip

I have built two Greenland paddles, BOTH with drip rings.  Although a Turk's Head knot would look good, more than likely, some water would "roll" past the knot and into your lap.  I took 3/8" cordage saturated in West Systems and made one ring around the blade.  Then, once tacky, I added another ring on top of the first.  This takes care of 99% of the water.  On my next paddle, I'm thinking of adding a thrid ring, all one atop the other. 

To tone down the white line against the varnished paddle, I mixed saw dust (Wood flour), in with the epoxy, creating a more wood-like color. ~BRUCE~

RE: greenland paddle - fiberglassing tip

Thanks for the tips.  I used the threads, twisted into a light yarn.  After wetting the groove with epoxy, immersed the yarn into a cup of thickened epoxy and applied the yarn to the groove, taping down the ends.

It was looking a little sloppy, so I used 1" blue painter tape and pulled it across the top of the paddle widthwise.  Just pulled the tape off after 5 hours and shaped the "green" resin. Just a few drips to be cleaned up tomorrow and it looks great.

Thanks for your timely help.


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