Rice Paper Deck Patterns

My deck is made entirely of Michigan white cedar strips, so I decided to add a geometric design made of rice paper of a dark color. I have 2 color samples ordered and plan to test each with the MAS epoxy to see if the colors are color fast or not. Has anybody used hand dyed rice paper for a deck design? Any other hints using rice paper will be appreciated.

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RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

I have used a regular ink jet printer to print onto "veil", which is glass. The ink didn't run and the glass all but disappears. 

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

Here are a few general hints and tips for applying rice paper graphics based on my own experiences, although I have only ever used India ink:



Kurt Maurer

League City, Texas 

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

I have added graphics from rice paper successfully from ink jet & laser printers as well as drawn in ink & applied under the glass.

I do them print- reversed to keep the bleeding to a minimum. Wet out the wood, apply the paper, saturate & roll out ALL of the bubbles/lumps then cover with the glass, all in one step. 

Do a test first!

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

I can tell you that sharpies run in epoxy, and that it is a pain to sand it all off.  when you are are trying to get that last airbubble dealt with under the glass is about the time it starts to run, and it continues as you battle drips elsewhere--that is my experience anyway.  I had a blown up image that needed sharpening (a pixel thing), and a pencil worked well.  D

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

Hey Camp...  I used white rice paper with a graphic I transfered from the computer.  The white paper "disappeared".  After making tests, I found putting the rice paper, dry, on wet epoxy'ed wood still resulted in air bubbles, VERY tuff to work out.  If you pre-saturate the rice paper, then apply that to WET (epoxied) wood, it comes out GREAT.  I can't comment on colored paper but I agree with the others;  Do a test patch first...  ~BRUCE~

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

AND ANOTHER THING!!!!   LOL...  To add color/patterns, on my next build, I am going to cut out shapes using veneer of opposing colors.  Having applied CLC onlays and seeing how flat the finished surface was, it is the only way to go.

 Cut your shapes, apply epoxy to the surface just where the venerer is to go, and use LOTS of plastic electric tape to hold "it" down.  Once cured, the tape comes off easily and you are left with epoxy ridges, easily sanded off.  Then epoxy on the fiberglass cloth, two extra layers of epoxy and you will end up with a colorful, SMOOTH finish....   ~BRUCE~

RE: Rice Paper Deck Patterns

I use rice paper and ink under fiberglass for boat specs on rear bulk head

first time worked perfect, no bleeding, second time it bleed a bit, not bad.  I think I over worked the epoxy.  next time I'll try laser printer

shearwater bulk headartic tern bulk head

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