Help with WD 10 Deck Fit--First Attempt

Thanks to those who helped with my bottom and side panel dilemma.  Everything is re-stitched and looking good.

After dry fitting the deck for the first time I've got a few trouble spots to work out. 

1. I have an overhang issue again just beyond the cockpit to the stern.  The sheer panels overhang the side panels around 1/4" at the widest point.  The overhang is equal on both sides.  I'm guessing I need to loosen some stitches on the hull forms and deck forms to correct this, but I'm hesitant because I finally got the bottom and side panels lined up and snug to the hull forms.  I'm guessing this is also too much to just shave down.  Again, the overhang is the same on both sides.  The rest of the deck is flush to the side panels.  Here's the pic, looking from below up to the overhang:

I also have a gap where the deck panel and sheer panel are wired into the main deck form.  Am I better off trying to close with an additional stitch or lossening the stitches at the form?:

Finally, I'm not sure if I have the transom positioned properly.  Right now it is a little inset in the bevels of the side and bottom panels, resulting in a little overhang of the deck over the transom.  Should I close the stern a little tighter and have the transom sort of act as more of an endcap at the stern (for lack of a better term)?:

Thanks for the help/suggestions in advance!


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RE: Help with WD 10 Deck Fit--First Attempt

About 1/4" over hang seems to be somewhat normal on the deck.  My WD10 did the same in that area.  If its more than a quarter inch per side you might be able to lessen the amount of overhang by adjusting the stitches of the deck or hull.

I just used a stick of wood wedged between the side panels to spread them out a little extra and glued the deck in place then trimmed the overhang with and hand plane and some sanding.

RE: Help with WD 10 Deck Fit--First Attempt

That seems like alot of overlap. I had mine lined up exactly, it just took some coaxing to get the camber in the top deck to go.  I think your 2nd picture of the gap between the deck and sheer panel is too large, so you need to tighten them up.

I would tignten up the deck/sheer connection, and then perhaps start at the bow, and sticth backwards, alternating either side. You'll find there will be alot of 'give' in the middle, not so much near the bow or stern.  I had chamfered my edges at about 30 degrees, which gave me a sharp edge to line the desk/hull together to.

A little time now (seems like a long time) will save way more time in the future when you have to tack, epoxy and sand, sand, sand the gaps. It's like a good foundation of your house makes the building easier, so spend time here.

Here's my progress so far:

You can see on Part 2 where I did the connection between the hull/deck. I actually ended up connecting it a few times during the epoxying, but once I figured out how my panels behaved and bent/bowed, it was pretty easy (just time consuming). I needed 2 people for some of the panels, one to hold and one to stich/connect the wires.

 Good luck!


RE: Help with WD 10 Deck Fit--First Attempt


Your side panels need to meet in better alignment with your hull panel at the transom, also there should be no inset, loosen those wires and slide the transom back flush, if needed add some more holes at the trans to help keep things tight with more wire.  the transom on the wood 10 is more a part of the hull then on the wood duck 12. so I hope this helps, let me know how it comes out, here is a link to my build


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