would it be possible to put a very lightweight 5hp 2 stroke on a jimmy skiff with a reenforced transom?


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RE: motor

Would it be possible?  Sure.

Would it be reasonable?  No.

The Jimmy Skiff wasn't designed for a 5-hp outboard motor, lightweight or otherwise.  If you want to use a 5-hp outboard on a boat you've built, build a boat designed for that size motor.

RE: motor

 this boat is designed for what you are looking to do.

RE: motor

You could certainly put something on there but I'd probably stick with a 2 or 3 hp at most.  5hp is a lot of weight and I suspect you'd really need to beef things up on the transom and probably elsewhere to really keep the boat from torque-ing too much even if it can support the weight.


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