help with dust nibs in final varnish coat

I just put my 9th coat of interlux schooner 96 on with a sprayer but there are a good number of dust bits on the surface (probably due to varnishing in a garage).  Any suggestions for knocking those down while still having a nice shine? Would prefer as much gloss as possible vs a satin finish.  Right now the gloss is great if it wasnt for the dust bits.

Also, how long do I need to wait to do any of the suggestions?



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RE: help with dust nibs in final varnish coat

Just get out and paddle it.  It's well past done at this point.  :)

I didn't even varnish my boat originally so 9 coats seems a bit.... obsessive?  Of course with a sprayer you're probably getting much thinner coats.

Either way, it's time to enjoy the boat.  Fit out the deck, put a seat in her and get on the water, where she belongs.  


RE: help with dust nibs in final varnish coat

Ive actually paddled it quite a few times, including this winter at about 23 deg F outside.  Havent outfitted the deck yet though.  I think the bumps arent dust so much as solvent pops which is why I want to take care of them because there are quite a few.  I can handle a little dust but these are all over.  Im thinking about trying to thin quite a bit and wiping on a final coat.

RE: help with dust nibs in final varnish coat

I didn't use a sprayer, but I got a good Final Coat by applying thinned varnish with a "lintproof" low-nap roller, and following immediately with a foam brush. Always brush from dry to wet, and use firm pressure with the foam brush, do not just "skim".

Another thing I tried with some sucess for the final coat: try saturating a small rag with thinner, add a few drops of varnish to the rag and wipe down the surface briskly, leaving it wet.  You'll have the only "French Polished" kayak in town!

RE: help with dust nibs in final varnish coat

when the finish is good and dry try a nib file found in and auto body supply store it will cut the nib only and leave the shine all around it if there aren't too many yoiu won't even notice it. you can make one from and old body file just smothe the edes wiht a stone first

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