use for micro ballons

im putting together a shearwater and i have got of the micro balloons to try and keep down weight but im a littl unclear where i can use them.if i use them in fillets do i need to mix in woood flour and if so how much? i know i can use them in the end pours

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RE: use for micro ballons


Microballoons should never be used for structural purposes (glue, joints,  etc.). I don't think that they'd be appropriate for Shearwater fillets. They are excellent for making a lightweight, easy-to-sand filler and fairing compound for painted parts. Because of their purple color, most people wouldn't use them on bright-finished parts (except maybe Camper).



RE: use for micro ballons

Hm...hadn't thought of that particular finish.  Do they make them in day-glo orange? 

use for micro ballons

I used them in my end pour on my Wood Duck. Just trying for something to be able to drill through for a handle/toggle.

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