Night Heron inner stems for bow and stern

My CLC kit came with the inner stems cut out in a nice pattern ready for me to cut on a piece of cedar, but I have a question about the patterns.

Whenever I put the inner stem patterns on the bow and stern end forms there is a considerable difference in the curve between the two, and they don't seem to match at all, is this right?

If I cut them out as is, there will be a gap between the forms and the stems, and they won't fit tight...the curves don't align!

Is this normal, what now?


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RE: Night Heron inner stems for bow and stern

Well, I guess I answered my own questions, but if this helps other people that's ok...maybe it will!

The CLC forms that came with my kit have the bow and stern forms cut so that you can either bevel the edge to have the strips joined by fingering them together, or you can cut off the ends of the bow and stern to use an inner stem.

Therefore, I must either bevel or cut the bow and stern depending on what I decide; fingering the strips or an inner stem.

The CLC patterns include the inner stem for the bow and stern, and you must cut off this amount from the bow and stern to afix the inner stem.

Guess I have to think many times, measure a few, and only cut once!

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