Possible Interview?

Hello, I am a senior in high school currently working towards getting my diploma. One stipulation for that is to complete a lengthy project to be done throughout the year. For this "Senior Project" you need to do some sort of activity that can take at least 30+ total hours to complete. Obviously, the range of this varies greatly. For my project, for instance, I have chosen to build a Wood Duck 12 Kayak. So far, I've greatly enjoyed the work and am happy I chose this for my project.

The only problem I have now is something with the paperwork that goes along with the project. As part of the project, we need to interview someone who's familiar with whatever we're doing for a project. Now, I live in a small town, and finding someone who has built a kayak has proven difficult. So I decided to turn to the internet, as the interviews do not have to be conducted in person.

To sum it up, I'm looking for someone who has some boat building experience under their belt, and wouldn't mind answering some questions and providing feedback for an interview.

-Thanks, John.

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RE: Possible Interview?

Great Senior Project!!!!

 How cool would it be if you could interview the designer of the Wood Duck.  Eric Schade.  Or company owner John Harris or both!

 Hopefully they could spare some time for a phone or email interview for ya. 

Good luck with the project and interviews. 

RE: Possible Interview?

John not that I am a pro boat builder but I am a cabinet maker by trade. I broke my neck in09 and short of going totaly crazy I had promised my daughte we would build a wood duck. We are about ready to finish the WD10 and Have just started WD12. I have nothing but time until I can get back to work in the cabinet shop so if I could help I would be more then honored .  hennessey@sbcglobal.net


RE: Possible Interview?

John, happy to chat with you about Boat Building.  Like Steven, not a pro, built a SOF & a Wood Duck 12, about to start a C18.

david at dragonsong dot ca

RE: Possible Interview?

I'll nominate Laszlo as well, if he's willing.  His is the first WD project I remember reading about and he's built several other boats as well.  Plus, it's just awesome to read some of the things he comes up with and his excellent, well thought out responses to questions!


RE: Possible Interview?


I want you to write my obituary when the time comes.


If you still need someone to interview I'd be happy to oblige.



RE: Possible Interview?

Goodness knows I hope that doesn't happen any time soon, Laszlo.

FJPatrum (aka frankp)

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