Broken Tooth

Hi, It seems that one of the teeth has broken off of the bottom panel. Is this a huge deal? It seems like I could just clean it up and fit it in while gluing up the panels.

Here's a link to a post about it on my build log:

Any advice on proceeding would be much appreciated.

Cheers, Jim

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RE: Broken Tooth

I had a similar thing happen on my boat and I carefully lined everything up and epoxied it together.  It will be covered with fiberglass tape at this step plus the fiberglass cloth (at least on my Shearwater - assume it's the same for your model) which is what provides the strength.  Just make sure to weight the seam well when you epoxy it so you don't have a lumpy seam that would have air bubbles or cause sanding issues later.

RE: Broken Tooth

It's a bummer, but there's nothing to do but carefully glue it.

RE: Broken Tooth

Same thing happened to me.  Thickened epoxy is the new duct tape.  See my blog entry for Thursday, July 1, 2010: 

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