Wet sand final varnish coat?

I have four coats on both the hull and the deck and belive I am ready for the final varnish.  My question is once you apply the last coat can you do anything to the last coat take out any minor imperfections with out dulling the finish?

 Do you just keep putting on coats and hope for the best?  Do is there a method besides using a car buffer (ie drill)?

 So close to being on the water...

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RE: Wet sand final varnish coat?

Wet sanding will give it a frosted or, at best, satin appearance (depending on the grit size and your skill).

Some builders use buffing compound, some spray the last coat to avoid brush marks. Using the foam brush method described in the shop tips gives a very nice looking coat that will need no apologies and will get you lots of compliments from the spectators.

Remember, as soon as you take your buffed high gloss finish out of the shop, the rocks, bushes, trees, bugs, water, sand, gravel, asphalt, concrete, covers, straps, paddles, lines, birds, cars, salt, water bottles, snakes, turtles, fish, frogs, etc. will all be gunning for it. It's going to get scratched and stained, but it will still be a great boat and a great-looking boat

True story - a 3-ft. long carp in a mating frenzy scraped its fins along the side of my boat and scratched the varnish. It also almost knocked the paddle out of my hand. Happened in Jug Bay on the Patuxent River in Maryland. So consider how much work you really want to put into that finish if you're planning on using that boat.



RE: Wet sand final varnish coat?

                                                                                                          I have rubbed out semi gloss helmsman varnish with a fine sctoch pad.It didnt change the finish apperance much, but it felt perfectly smooth. I think it would make a bigger change in apperance with gloss varnish.                            

I agree with laszlo, all the tiny imperfections that drive you crazy in the shop, disappear after first use

RE: Wet sand final varnish coat?

Thanks for the input.  I will stop agonizing over the look of the kayak in the "shop" and put it in the water.

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