Using Sails on a C16

My home waters get fairly breezy most days after 10:00am, so I thought about getting a WindPaddle Sail for my Chesapeake 16.

I note that CLC sell these, so someone out there must have used them.

I am aware that these elementary sails are really designed for running before the wind, and at times using them to broad reach (i.e. slightly "off" the wind). 

Can anyone comment ?  Are they a gimmick, or are they worth investing in ?


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RE: Using Sails on a C16


I have a Wind Paddle and like it very much.  Wind here is not so predictable, but with a a fair wind, they are a lot of fun.   I put a rudder on my C16, not sure how the WP would work without one.

Paul in Phoenix 



RE: Using Sails on a C16

Hi Paul

One of my sons tends to use the C16 a lot more than I do. He paddles it across to the other side of the estuary to fish. More often than not he has a following wind for the return journey. As you say, it would be fun.

I haven't installed a rudder as I wanted to keep things simple, but may try a skeg to improve tracking.

Thanks for your post.

Dave in South Africa

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