Fitting Plans

Could someone post a picture of the tight fit plan layout for the Shearwater 17? I am at my parents and have bought the wood, I have the plans but forgot to bring my manual. Ihave no way to haul the wood home in 4X8 sheets with the fam and don't want to make an extra special trip. So if some cold post a picture for the layout of the shearwater 17 on 3 sheets of ply that would be great. Thanks!


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RE: Fitting Plans

Try contacting CLC directly using the "Contact us" link at the top of this page. Not only might it be faster, but there won't be any copyright problems.



RE: Fitting Plans

I bought my Wherry kit from a company here in Australia who are licensed to sell CLC designs and found there were inconsistencies between my builders' manual and the construction photos on the CLC website.  I contacted CLC with my concerns and was immediately e-mailed a copy of the current manual, which is much more comprehensive than the one I had.  The service from CLC never ceases to impress me (not to mention the willingness of other builders to share their knowledge and experience).

RE: Fitting Plans

Thanks for the idea of contacting the company. I really didn't even think about it. I did as you said and contacted the company and they e-mailed me a copy of the layout. Talk about great customer service, I have alway been happy wiht my experiance and now I am really impressed. So I would like to publicly thanks John and the whole CLC crew for their support and service, along with all the fellow boat builders, THANKS!!

If everyone had customer service of this level I don't think we would ever have a recession again!!

 Thanks Again


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