First coat of epoxy on Passagemaker

I am going to start painting epoxy on the hull pieces , seats, etc. on my Passagemaker for the first time. Is it important to cover the sides of pieces with epoxy, say seats, which will later be covered top and bottom with fillet (I undertand that I shouldn't get opoxy in the rabbets)? Is it important not to do so?

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RE: First coat of epoxy on Passagemaker

The edges of the seats and bulkheads and transoms (and all the other pieces) can be coated, and it won't hurt. Anything that will be exposed, ultimately, has to get coated regardless.

And those edges that will be hidden in a filleted joint will not suffer from having been sealed with epoxy now -- other than adding a few grams of weight to your boat, which won't really hurt you with a Passagemaker. After all, it's not something you're going to be hoisting above your shoulder regardless.

Please note: this is the opinion of someone whose ONLY build has been a Passagemaker. It hasn't sunk, so I might be correct, but there are more seasoned experts on this board, that's a certainty.



RE: First coat of epoxy on Passagemaker

A book chapter could be written to answer your question.  Short answer:  if you apply epoxy to individual wood pieces that later must be epoxied together, scuff up the mating surfaces or areas that will be covered with fillets before epoxying the pieces together.  This sanding will also smooth the epoxied surfaces to give you better fitting joints.  Good luck.

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