aligning planks in rabbets

hi, im building a chester yawl and im having some concerns about the planks not sucking all the way into the rabbets. im going thru and tightening the stitches up and the bow and stern ends are okay but so far planks 2 and 3 have considerable spacing in the rabbets towards the middle of the plank. tightening the wires just results in broken wire and im worried about tearing out the wood. im wondering if i can use cable ties in addition to the wires or if i should loosen some outer stitches and use a ratchet strap to suck it up. any suggestions or opinions would be appreciated.

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RE: aligning planks in rabbets

Assuming it's a kit, everything should fit snugly, eventually.

But, until you finally get those last few stitches in, and the bulkheads etc needed to give it its correct shape, it will bulge and sag and bits won't seem to fit.

Force is probably not needed. What helped me getting it to line up (on a Sassafras 16) was tokeep the stitches relatively loose until the last ones were in, then gradually tighten starting from the middle, and working towards the bow and stern evenly from there. 

I hope that helps.


RE: aligning planks in rabbets

I should clarify that I meant tightening in several sessions from middle to the ends. Loose at first, then middle to ends say "finger tight" (leaving some play in the wires), then repeat leaving only minor play, then finally tight enough to stop obvious movement. Never overtighten.

The idea is that the stitches all work together to form and hold the shape, and the tension should be as even as possible across the whole structure...

RE: aligning planks in rabbets

Thanks David, that makes sense. ive been starting at the bow and working aft but  the ends are fine its the middle thats the problem. ive been trying to work it out gradually, next session ill try it your way

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