Mill Creek 16.5 SEat Arrangement

I have my MC 16.5 seet up to take either the Piantedosi rowing rig for rowing or the standard slat seats for double paddling.  I primarily use the boat for rowing so the row rig is the most important.

When I built my MC 16.5 in 1997, I could not find any locating dimensions for the rowing rig mounting blocks.  I took my best shot, but ended up with them 6" aft of where they are located per the last picture in the construction gallery.  I plan to relocate them in order to keep the bow in the water on the recovery.  I note that the above mentioned picture shows the slat seat cleats outboard of the rowing rig blocks.  This however does not work as there is not enough vertical clearance to set the slat seats above the blocks.  In my original installation, I modified the cleats to elevate the slat seats 3/4" to clear.  Has anyone else dealt with this interference and, if so, what did you do?

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