Mill Creek 13

Where do you start attaching the forward deck, at the midpoint and work your way outward in both directions, or forward, or at the backend of the plywood deck working in one direction.  If I remember correctly, you glue and nail one full side first, then, after the epoxy (slow) dries, you do the otherside?  Because of the nature of plywood, it bends in one direction; working with it , it seems to want to distort a bit and looks like there will be a flat spot up towards the bow.  I started this Millcreek @10 years ago and have misplaced the building intructions, more likely lost them.  Would appreciate any ideas about setting the deck on.  Thanks.

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RE: Mill Creek 13

I just built a mill creek and didn't have a set of plans in front of me but the way we did it was start forward and worked our way aft.  Definitely a 2 person job.  There is a LOT of camber from the forward bulkhead so it took 4 hands and 4 ratchet straps to keep the thing in place.  We worked on starboard and port side simultaneously.  Once we got passed the forward bulk it was pretty easy going after that.  For the rear deck we started right where we left off with the forward deck (right at the hanging knees).  We used a couple more straps to hold it down to the rear bulk.   We then finished at the stern.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.

RE: Mill Creek 13

It would seem that $15 for a new manual would be money well spent.


RE: Mill Creek 13

Ahh its nothing the builders forum can't handle.  Just need a few mill creek owners to share their experience and it will be more than enough to help a guy get the job done right.

RE: Mill Creek 13

I have built two Mill Creek 13 myself.  Just start with the forward piece make sure you have enough overhang on the sides.  Get a strap in the middle so it does not move when you start nailing.  I started at the bow and worked towards the stern nailing about every 4".   Where the two join, let them overlap and use a razor knife and cut the two together to get a nice joint.  Its not hard by yourself.  The manual will be helpfull for some key measurments.  Have fun



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