Eastport Pram - sail and motor?

In addition to sailing the Eastport Pram, I want to also be able to mount an old 3hp outboard motor on her.  It appears though the upper rudder gudgeon (which is affixed to the motor mount on the transom) will prevent me from mounting an outboard.  For this purpose, is there a way to make the upper gudgeon removable (ie. install it when I want to sail her, and take it off when i want to mount the outboard)?

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RE: Eastport Pram - sail and motor?


The simplest solution is to just remove the 4 mounting bolts holding the gudgeon and take it off.  A solution with fewer moving parts might be to attach the gudgeon to a block that is in turn bolted to the transom with two lerger bols and wing nuts or equivalent.  This assembly might be large enough that it can be found when it's time for a sail.

Good luck.


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