chester yawl

Here is a clip on how I built my chester yawl in the winter of 2009.

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RE: chester yawl

Wow. That's a very nice boat and a very good video! Anyone interested in CLC kits and boats should check this out. Good job!



RE: chester yawl


Video was great and inspiring !. I am restarting to build a chester yawl for my wife and I posted a question the other day on this forum and had not recieved and answers. The question is as you stitch the planks up they are relatively flat up until plank 4 and then start to curve in. By plank 5 the stern and bow sections look roughly "u" shape. This looks like it occurs on your video but I did not know if I had the planks too tight ?

Any help with this questions and then stiching the bow would be great. Plus any other tips and I hope to have her in the water by Memorial Day !


Ed S.

RE: chester yawl


I stitched my planks fairly loosely, but also experienced the inward curiling at planks 4-6.  Pause the video to view these 2 pictures:  right picture at time 1:10  and upper left picture at time 1:13.  You will see that I clamped a short board to the inside of plank 4 and then attatched ropes to the clamps and pulled them out and down to uncurl each side of the hull. I tied the other end of the rope to the bottom of my work table, to keep up the tension.

My other challenge was that I did not have another helper.  The first time,I stitched all of the planks and then tried to bring both sides together at the bow.  This proved to be an impossible task for one person.  So I wound up unstitching all of the planks.  The second time around, I stitched the right and left side of plank 1, and joined them at the bow and attached them to the stern.  Then I did the same for plank 2, etc.

Hope this info helps.  There are challenges at each stage, but the end result is worth it !!

RE: chester yawl

Hi Andreas

Thanks for the info. I am going to be going to start working at stitching the hull again today and had noticed in your video that you were stitching the bow and stern before all 6 planks were together like the manual states. I tried pulling together the bow by myslef and could not figure out how I was going to do this but your advice above makes perfect sense. I appretiate your help and will most likely be asking more questions as I proceed !

Thanks Ed S.

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