SIS maiden voyage

Today it was 44 degrees and windy out.  The water was freezing but totally worth doing now instead of waiting until the spring. Here is the link to check out the pictures of the paddle. I hope you like it! I sure am happy with my first build.

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RE: SIS maiden voyage

Now that's unfair! Putting up pictures of that side finish and not saying a word about how you got that effect.

Seriously though, well done. You're going to thoroughly enjoy that boat once the water warms up.


RE: SIS maiden voyage

The side panels are a fabric that I epoxied to the panels before I stitched and glued the wood panels together. Then I glassed over it like normal. The edges of the fabric stay surprisingly neat when sanding for the glass prep. Thought it would be my own creative touch. Thanks for the comment!!

RE: SIS maiden voyage

Cool boat, I too like the creative touch. Good idea about applying the fabric before assembly. SEEYA Jack

RE: SIS maiden voyage

Looks good. Is that the same way they do the fabric on the paddle boards?

By the way where is your pfd?

RE: SIS maiden voyage

Very nice!  How does the puppy like the kayak?

RE: SIS maiden voyage

very nice job  a little word of advice wear a life jacket you said the weater and water was cold . check out this video

RE: SIS maiden voyage

Thanks for your concern but I was sitting on a floatation cushion and was never more than 50yards off shore and the water never got more than 4 feet deep.

The puppy enjoyed the trip. She likes to go everywhere with me. Good thing she behaves in the boat.

I think I did the panels similar to the way they do the paddle boards, that is where I got the idea.

Thank you for your comments.

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