What will I need

I am finishing up a Chesapeake 17LT and have the complete kit with plans, manual, and DVD. Now my girlfriend will be ordering a 16LT that I will build for her during the winter (now that I've learned what mistakes to avoid on mine). I know I won't need another copy of the DVD or the manual since it covers both the 16 and 17 foot yaks. My question is - will I need the plans for the measurements in order to locate bulkheads, etc.... Or can I save her some $$ by ordering the kit without any of these.

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RE: What will I need

might want to check with CLC directly on this one, there is a licensing statement in the beginning of the plans/instructions that you can only build one boat per set of plans.  I believe they have a reduced fee if you want to build a second boat from same set of plans... they might wave this since you are buying the kit.

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