skerry stems

 am having difficulty bringing the stem ends ( bow and stern) together in preparation for epoxy. The natural desire of the of the wood to spring out is fighting my best efforts to stitch the ends together.  Is it possible to use ordinary clamps or is there a special kind of clamp designed for this tricky job ??,,,thanks all...tomc

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RE: skerry stems

You shouldn't need any "special clamps", get the stems as close as you can, maybe use an extra wire stich or two if needed. you will end up filling the inside seam with a large epoxie fillit and strip of glass cloth. The outside stem gets heavily shaped with a rasp or sander then glassed over. Any gaps you have now will be gone after these steps.

Hope that helps, Patrick

Of course don't hesitate to ask the CLC experts!

RE: skerry stems


I had the same problem in my build. I asked numerous questions about the frame positions. The rear seat was the by far the most difficult to bring together. I thought the frame might be 1/2" forward for best fit. Nevertheless, I left it where it was and added extra stitches to the rear and got it together.

I thought it would never come together initially. I understand from CLC reps that every set of panels are different and curve with different flexibility. They said it would make it ok, just use more sticthes. Verify your frame positions thought..

I am not sure what clamps would prove effective on the curve of the stems. That seems a tought spot Other than clamping small pieces of wood on the ends of the panel and clamping against those, not sure how to do that.

From my hard learned lesson: Make sure the stitches are loose and the sawhorses are true (level) and square to the centerline of the boat prior to gluing anything together. I used Home Depot plastic sawhorses. As time and weight were added the sawhorse legs flexed and spread making the sawhorses non level. Fairness in the hull is a one thing its hard to fix.

 Good luck


RE: skerry stems

Tom, Try hot gluing some small blocks to the outside of the panels as close to the ends as possible. This will give you aomething to allow clamps to catch on and allow you to pull the ends togather slowly and exactly the way you want. You can knock the blocks off by striking them with a hemmer or heat them off. SEEYA Jack

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