suspending kayak for storage

I have a 17' CLC kayak. Any suggestions /opinions about storing the boat thru the winter by suspending it from the rafters? Is this good ,bad ,or indifferent for the boat? Suggestions about what kind of suspension gear to use? Cabela's has a setup  on sale for about $50.00



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RE: suspending kayak for storage

I just put some large screweyes into the rafters and tie my boats to them using the same straps that I use to tie them to the roof rack on the car. It has worked fine for years with commercial fiberglass and molded plastic boats, as well as my S&G and hybrid. -Wes

RE: suspending kayak for storage

I have a cheap ($30) pulley setup from Lowes' (or was it Home Depot?) that's intended for bikes. I swapped out the bike hooks for eye hooks and a pair of straps intended for hanging a kayak from the wall. It works OK, but the weight limit is only 50 lbs, and the garage door barely clears the kayak when I open it. Also, it doesn't "auto level" when you raise or lower the kayak. I have to help it along. Other than that, it gets the job done.


Cheers, Pat

RE: suspending kayak for storage

Thanks for the tips! Wes, do you have to hoist the boats up by hand or use a pulley? Trying to envision how you have the lines rigged. Sounds like Pat, you use a pulley system. The boat weighs in about 45-50 pounds . Are the web straps used as tie downs on cars sturdy enough for that weight.

Thanks again,


RE: suspending kayak for storage

My ceiling is less than eight feet high, so I just stick one end of the boat into a web loop hanging from the eyehooks and set the other end on a stepladder while I attach the other web loop around the boat. Then I tighten the loops while holding the boat up with my other hand, one end at a time. It's easier than it sounds. My heaviest boat is 55 pounds; lightest is 31. I suspect the web straps will hold 1000+ pounds weight. -Wes

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