LT17 Coaming Spacer Position

My son and I are building an LT17-- our first boat.  We're about ready to attach the cockpit coaming spacers to the deck, however when dry-fitting the first one I noticed that the forward edge of the spacer is about 3/4 inch aft of the deck beam.  The manual says to drive a couple of ring nails into the deck beam to anchor the spacer.  That would be a clean miss;  I can glue a nailing block to the deck beam, or even add an additional beam, but this seems like overkill (not to mention cobby).  Do the coaming spacers have to be nailed into the deck beam for support-- or is attaching them to the deck with thickened epoxy strong enough?  




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RE: LT17 Coaming Spacer Position

I posted a reply to a similar question a while back.  Here's the link to that thread.  My post is the second one down.


RE: LT17 Coaming Spacer Position

You don' need no steenkin' nails.

Seriously, I built a 16LT and a WD12 with no nails or screws. Clamps will hold everything together until the epoxy sets, then the epoxy will hold everything better than any number of nails or screws would.

Just skip the nails. Click on the picture to get to a description of how to build coamings without nails.

Have fun,


RE: LT17 Coaming Spacer Position

Thanks Gentlemen,

I'll forego the hardware and trust in the epoxy!  But first, I have to buy more clamps.... 

RE: LT17 Coaming Spacer Position

I think the purpose of tacking the spacers to the deck during assembly is just to keep them from slithering out of position while the clamps are being applied.  After the epoxy has cured, they can be removed with no loss in strength.

Cheers,  Grant 

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