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I just finished installing roof racks on my truck, and have bought the Yakima "Bow Down" cradle style mount. My WD 12 Hybrid fits well in the mounts, but with a 30" beam, it really appears to be sitting way up there. I am concerned about windage, and of course will need to be careful of low branches. Anybody have experience with this kind of mount, and would I be better off just letting her sit upside down on the cockpit coaming on padded rails?

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RE: roof racks

Hi Barry:


I have a WD12 and use Yakima's Bow Down.  Before purchasing the racks, I contacted Yakima to ensure that it would accommodate a kayak with a 30" beam, and they said that it would be no problem.

My only 'gripe' is that the actual bow-down mounts rotate on the cross-bars (I use the round type) even when tightened down fully.  I wrapped some medium grit sandpaper around the bar to provide a bit more bite, but they still rotate (albeit not so much).  I contacted Yakima again, and they ensured me that the cradles rotate to match the shape of the boat's hull.  I can forward you the e-mail if you would like to hear their response.

It's a bit early to tell, but I am not 100% satisfied with the racks.  In their folded position, they are noisier than the traditional J-cradles, so I just leave them up.  I have a pair of regular Hull Raiser racks, and one day I am going to switch them up to compare.

Hope this helps!


RE: roof racks

Good morning Dan,

My factory bars are wide oval, and the mounts seem to grip well but I have not tried moving the boat to see if they rotate. I have not driven the truck with this setup yet, because I am not sure if I want to keep these mounts. As I mentioned before, my concern is with the actual height of the boat, it's physical size being on edge, and the windage that it can cause. Yes, I am very much interested in seeing the e-mail from Yakima. The mounts do cradle the boat well though.

What kind of vehicle do you have this mounted on? I have it set up on a late model GMC full size crew cab. The actual cross rails are spaced closely, and are only 21 1/2" apart, and as a result, the bow down mounts are close together. I have to use a step ladder to get the boat on the top.

My other thought is to carry the boat upside down resting on the cockpit coaming. In that configuration, it does not appear as intrusive as sitting on edge. Any thoughts on that idea.



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