Advice on 1st major scratch...

Hello All:

 Well, I knew the day would come eventually.  I got my first major scratch in the hull of my Wood Duck 12 today.  I was cruising a local pond, just ghosting along when I ran into a nice-sized submerged rock.


 I don’t think it penetrated down to the wood.   My thumbnail doesn’t go into the scratch.


I’ve attached a link to some pictures of the scratch.  I put my camera into macro mode for the last one.

 I need some advice on what to do.  I looked on the boat building tips, but I am still a bit confused.  I plan on re-finishing it this winter (this will be her third season), but will this need attention right away?  If so, will it require epoxy or just a quick re-varnish?


 My father-in-law built the boat for me, so it is very special.  I want to take the best care possible of it.




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RE: Advice on 1st major scratch...

I did a similar thing with my shearwater the first week out. The scratch was deep but not into the epoxy. I dabbed a thick (ugly) stripe of varnish on it and have been happily paddling away with plans to wet sand and refinish in the winter.


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