mc16.5 car transport carier

I have just finished building the MC 16.5 kayak and I have to take it form Council Bluff IA to Beaufort SC.  I have a Ford Tourus X.  The luggage rac on the top of the car is Approz 30 inches.  I brought theThule cross bars ans the instruction said each rail should be at leat 24 inches, I fit int taht frame work.  I also brought the Malone Auto Loader to hold the kayak. The problem is the klayak does not fit in the seats. Instructions say if the kayak does not rest into the bottom of carrier DO NOT USE IT. Is ther anotther carrir or how do I secure the kayak for transporation



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RE: mc16.5 car transport carier


When I car top my 16.5, I lay it on its bottom - not in a "J."  This is much more secure.  Fore and aft tie-downs are a must.



RE: mc16.5 car transport carier

Foam pads on the cross bars, bow and stern straps.



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