Wherry progress photos

Here are some pictures showing showing the ongoing progress of my Annapolis Wherry, begun at the Wooden Boat School.



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RE: Wherry progress photos

Added a few photos to the album linked above of the first coat of exterior paint with Epifanes Monourethane.  The yellow is much less opaque than the Oyster was in the interior.  I am going to give it 4 coats.

RE: Wherry progress photos

6 coats of Epifanes Monourethane.


RE: Wherry progress photos

Well, that didn't work!  The photos of the finished exterior paint are in the album linked above.  


The Epifanes turned out to be very, very glossy and hard.  It took six coats to get perfect coverage with the yellow exterior.  I called Epifanes and they said yellow is the most transparent.  The Light Oyster I used on the interior hid the primer after only two coats.  Both rolled and tipped nicely, with good flow after.  All in all, I would say the Epifanes Monourethane is beautiful paint but requires good technique to bring out it's best qualities.  I will say it tends to flow off of sharp corners, leaving thin coverage along the outer strake edges, at least when painting with the hull upside down.  I was painting in hot conditions 85-90, and added 20 mL of Epifanes Easy Flow to each 750 mL can.  It did seem to extend the wet edge time.  When painting in hot conditions I had some problems with the paint not drying anywhere it was thick ie along the inner edge of the strake where paint may collect a bit.  This was caused by the paint skinning too fast, thus trapping some volatiles beneath the surface.  All in all, I'd use it again because it looks good!

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