eastport pram

Just finished wire for entire boat. that wasn't too bad.  epoxy work next.

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RE: eastport pram

Iv'e had problems with leaky compartments on several lap-stich boats.  I believe the seams leak  if you are not careful applying epoxy, especialy where the plank joints are parallel.  Make sure you use un-thickened epoxy and carfully let it leak into the joint.  Mask the inside if necessary.  Also don't skip the inside bulkhead fillets.  You might also include inspection ports to sponge out the compartments instead of the drain plugs. 

RE: eastport pram

thanks greg, i don't know if it was good or bad , but my first application of epoxy was too thin, so i guess i achieved what you were talking about. I have some nice drips on my concrete floor.  this is a learning experience and next is the fillet work. I have read to tape off. we will see. I pull the wires out tomorrow. either i am going to have a boat or more work to do.  wish me luck.

RE: eastport pram

Finished the fillets. i masked off the sides and removed the tape after the application. Second used denatured alcohol to smooth. next step, sanding!!!!!

this is really alot of fun and between the instructions and friendly tips, a very easy process. I can understand the multiple builds .

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RE: eastport pram

model t - enjoy the building process.....  i have one more coat of paint to go on the exterior of my Eastport Pram, then i'm gonna flip it back over to put one more coat of varnish on the interior (to make a total of 4 varnished coats); and then i'll finally be finished with my first build.  i hope to have pictures posted in the next few weeks.  At the bottom/right of this webpage there is a listing for "CLC Around The Web" - check it out if you haven't already done so.  There are a couple of good blogs on there with tips from EP builders who came before us.

RE: eastport pram

Eric, appreciate the listing. the builder tips are very useful on a first build. I am finding out how much sanding it takes to make epoxy smooth. good luck with your final coat. 

RE: eastport pram

sand the boat, apply varnish, sand the boat , apply varnish....   I never knew this could be so much fun.  Completing first build and can see why one can not just stop at one boat. the builders tips are very useful and learning as one goes through the process. I have found this epoxy is easy to work with and sands pretty easy. decided to varnish everything. 4 or 5 coats should take care of it. Does the varnish hold up as well as the paint?

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