so-cal experience

We are on vacation to see my first grand daughter and on July 3 my 3 boys and I rented some kayaks and took our yaks out into Monterey Bay and took in the sights. I am now envious of you guys who live near the ocean and have kayaks to explore the sights. We observed sea otters lying on their back w/o a care in the world munching on fish, seals, and a wide variety of birds. I did purchase a waterproof camera case which held my camera as well as the rental car keys---it will make an accessory addition to the wood duck which is almost completed back home in Colorado. Greetings to all you ocean fairing yak captains.....CZ

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RE: so-cal experience

Congrats on your first grandkid.  Sounds like a fantastic trip for you and your boys, to start this phase of your life.  Good luck with the WD.  We may as well clarify this point at the start...some people are also a wee bit envious of people who live in beautiful Colorado and own wooden kayaks that they built themselves! So enjoy, and teach that little girl to paddle!

RE: so-cal experience

Thanks camper

The rental yak did teach me some things

1. I prefer the wood duck design over the sit on top yaks

2. I like the looks of my duck hybrid 12 better than the plastic rental model that I used although I did see some [from a distance] that owners had that had some great lines.

3.I believe that my Duck is more stable [especially for my intended use which is flyfishing] than my rental yak

4.I found out [hands on] the importance of a "good seat" which has been a big topic on the forums lately. My rental came with a throw it in and snap it in place model which seemed comfortable enough at first but left something to be desired at the end of about 2 hours and had the sciatic kicking in with numb legs which did not work to well when attempting to get out of the boat.

5. The above reinforced my conviction to go all out with a custom carved unit to fit my backside from closed cell foam.

6. Congrats to [del something--sorry] with his recent post of catching some strippers from his yak--hopefully before the year is out I will post some of some rainbow trout caught on a fly rod from the completed duck....CZ


So-cal experience

Corrections and add ons for the above are it is Dehagger not del-something. Grand-daughter is 4 week old and in fishermans terms is a keeper--8-12 and 22 inches long and what a doll----possible future yak project recommendations,?????,,,CZ-cal experience

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